Tongkat Ali

This is our quick informational page dedicated to Tongkat Ali. We’ve covered as much information as we can, and we will be including places to buy the best Tongkat Ali across the UK, whether it is banned and what it’s reported benefits are. 


Tongkat Ali has been the subject of several episodes of the Huberman Podcast (this one is the most in-depth). There are plenty of reported benefits of Tongkat Ali, but it is mostly associated with increased levels of testosterone and improved mood; two benefits backed up by the most data.

Firstly, let’s deal with Tongkat’s ability to increase testosterone. 

Tongkat is not a Testosterone ‘booster’ in the strictest sense of the word. It appears not to “stimulate” testosterone synthesis, but it does so by increasing the release rate of “free” testosterone from its binding hormone ( sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG). 

It’s proven to support healthy levels of testosterone/hormone in both males and females too, which is quite exciting. 

A recent study found that one of Tongkat Ali’s major benefits is reducing stress and improving mood within a test group of 63 people (men and women) [source]. It was identified that there was an improvement in salivary cortisol (a stress hormone) which directly negatively impacts Testosterone. Chronic stress therefore slowly reduces Testosterone levels to unhealthy low levels. 

The study linked in the last passage showed an increase in overall Testosterone by up to 37%. 

The benefits of healthy testosterone levels are well established: helping to increase muscle growth and tone, improving your energy levels and endurance, and the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety. It may also boost cognitive function. The root has been found to help regulate healthy levels of testosterone in both males and females.

  • Boosts Testosterone
  • Improves Muscle Growth & Tone
  • Increase Energy & Endurance
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety [source]
  • Maintains healthy Testosterone levels in both males and females. 


While you may experience some trouble with getting platforms, such as Amazon, selling supplements, Tongkat is not banned across the UK, and is legal to take as a supplement.

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason, other than the fact that Tongkat Ali is considered to be a ‘Novel Food’ which is a process of standardisation and may affect its availability online. The UK and EU novel food processes are different. 

If you’re wondering whether the supplements are allowable for professional competition, it is best to contact your sport’s governing body. It seems that in most competitive sport bodies consider Tongkat Ali as currently allowable as a supplement, however, the rules and regulations may change very quickly so it is best to keep up to date with the most recent information. 

Whether you’re competing, or work in an industry subject to regular drug tests, you may wonder whether or not Tongkat Ali will show up on a banned substance list. 

There is no evidence to suggest that Tongkat Ali will cause a positive doping or drug test. Tongkat Ali is a natural substance that supports your hormone balance.

There is always a risk of contamination or fake supplements, so ensure you buy your supplements from a reputable supplier. 

Tongkat Ali has been found to be safe generally for humans, and there is little evidence to suggest it may cause damage to the liver – although, it is always a great idea to ensure you are drinking lots of water when taking any supplements.
To be extra safe, we also suggest that taking a break from any supplement containing Tongkat.
A dose of between 200mg and 600mgs a day have shown rare averse side effects, however, it is possible that you may experience nausia, a loose tummy or itching. If symptoms persist, discontinue use. 

If you are taking a Tongkat Ali supplement, then you need to understand a safe and effective dose. Effective does start at 200mgs and some studies are looking at over 500mgs. 

We suggest that a dose of 500mgs for 30 days is enough to start seeing a meaningful impact from Tongkat Ali. 

We do not recommend taking any more than 500mgs of Tongkat Ali unless you are being guided by a trusted medical professional. 

It is best to take your dose of Tongkat Ali as early in your day as you can, or at least several hours before you intend to sleep. The root can create extra energy and may disrupt your sleep.

We suggest that a dose of 200mgs for 30 days is enough to start seeing a meaningful impact from Tongkat Ali

A dose of between 200mg and 600mgs a day have shown rare averse side effects, but they may include nausia and itching.

Where to buy the best Tongkat Ali Supplements in the UK?


Tongkat Ali is one of the most interesting substances that we have come across. 

Sourced from South East Asia, mainly Indonesia, the extract from the plant’s root has been found to support hormonal balance and is quickly gaining popularity online. 

To find a very good example of Tongkat Ali supplements is difficult and it is unlikely that genuine products are found on Amazon (who do not allow the sale of Tongkat on their platform). There are several companies selling raw Tongkat Ali capsules in the UK but we feel that the root on it’s own is not enough. 

We have combined 100mgs of Indonesian Tongkat Ali with other ingredients with a synergistic accompaniment of benefits: Zinc (10mg), Vitamin D3, Tongkat Ali,  Fadogia Agrestis, and Cistanche (100mg). Our testosterone support blend is here. 


Which are the best Tongkat Ali Supplements in the UK? 

It is fairly easy for any company to claim to have ‘the best Tongkat Ali supplement’ but whether they do or not entirely depends on you – the consumer. At the very minimum, the supplements need to be effective and supplied at effective doses. 

The Tongkat Ali extracts are often mixed with bulking agents and fillers, which lowers the overall dose of Tongkat Ali in the capsules themselves. It also gives added bulk that is completely useless in your supplements. The supplements and extracts to choose are those that are 100% Tongkat Ali extract that comes directly from the source.

It is also important that the raw material is tested to ensure that the extract does not contain any hidden nasty substances; like solvents (sometimes used in the extraction process), preservatives or pesticides. 

Secondly, we strongly believe that while the extract on its own is a great addition to your supplement routine, it is much preferable to take supplements which contain a range of other ingredients to enhance the benefits and synergy of Tongkat Ali.