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  • Contains: Zinc*, Tongkat Ali, Fadogia Agrestis, Ajusga Turkestanica (Turkesterone), Ashwagandha KSM-66, Cistanche & Vegan Vitamin D3
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30 - 60 DAY

It is part of our mission to ensure potency over pretence.
We’ve taken great care to research and dose each active ingredient with the most up-to-date data and backed each ingredient with relevant studies. Each capsule contains potent formulation of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients that are specifically targeted to support healthy testosterone. 
Thoughtfully designed to power you from the inside, whatever weight you’re carrying. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand.


Led by science - a testosterone supplement to unlock the power within you

Why is testosterone balance important?


It has become clear that ensuring we have the correct hormone balances have an impact on many facets of our well-being: Testosterone is involved in moodmuscle health (recovery/performance), sleepbody fat regulation, production of red blood cells and sexual health (for males & females). 

The maintenance of healthy hormone levels in the blood is more than building muscle or boosting libido. 

Many of us – unknowingly – have lower-than-normal levels of testosterone. There are multiple reasons for this including unhealthy lifestyle (excess body fat, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise), vitamin & mineral deficiencies, and genetics that can affect healthy levels of testosterone. 

Naturally, as we get older (30 years or older), our testosterone levels slowly decline too. 

Our natural testosterone support capsules are not designed to ‘stimulate’ testosterone production artificially, but ensure that each natural active ingredient targets potential deficiencies, and maintains healthy free testosterone and natural balance in hormone levels. It is carefully designed to increase overall ‘free’ testosterone and maintain balance. 

Once you’ve tried it – you’ll understand. 

For more detail, and attached studies, see the drop-downs below. 

immune System support

Muscle Performance, Recovery & Repair


Sleep & Recovery Support

hormone support

Supports Testosterone

Sexual Health & libido

Cardiovascular Health

Ingredients & Research (click each title for more info)

Zinc is a mineral that many of us are deficient in.

It contributes to several extremely important functions within the body. It is essential for your immune function and healthy cell production. Most importantly for us, Zinc is key for the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood and for a healthy prostate. It also contributes to normal fertility and reproduction, as well as optimal cognitive function.

The role of zinc in the regulation of sex hormones in both males and females is very clearly understood in science.

In males, zinc deficiency can alter the testosterone levels in the blood and modify sex steroid hormone levels [source]. The lack of zinc can start to increase the levels of an enzyme complex aromatase which converts testosterone into estradiol (estrogen) – therefore, lowering overall levels of testosterone.

In females, zinc deficiency can result in lower follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels and luteinizing hormone (LH) which play key roles in fertility, and pregnancy.

Zinc is potentially one of the most essential minerals for male and female sexual health, but also ensures that the production of testosterone is not limited.

  • Increases overall Testosterone in Males [source]
  • Protects Sexual Health (Prostate & Sperm Production)
  • Regulates Hormones & Fertility (Males & Females)
  • Healthy Cell Production
  • Immune Support

Vitamin D3 is a foundational vitamin for hormone production and balance, and is proven to contribute to the maintenance of muscle function and support the immune system.

There is a link between vitamin D deficiency, and a lowering in levels of testosterone [source] in males. Recent studies have show that Vitamin D alone can dramatically improve testosterone levels naturally.

Vitamin D3 is also part of the body’s process of creating new healthy cells and therefore is added to help increase your ability to recover and create more muscle cells. Supporting you while you become stronger and bigger!

  • Supports Bone Health (by drawing Calcium from the gut)
  • Part of Testosterone and Hormone Production
  • Supports Immune System
  • Boosts mood (especially during the darker months)
  • Prevents Muscle Cramps & Spasms

Within our Testosterone Booster, we have added a functional dose of Tongkat Ali (2% Eurycomanone).

Tongkat Ali is derived from Southeast Asia, and again, gained notoriety from a Huberman podcast episode.

Tongkat Ali has been the subject of several episodes of the Huberman Podcast (this one is the most in-depth).

Tongkat Ali is shown to help return the body to normal testosterone levels. This appears not to be down to it “stimulating” testosterone synthesis, but by increasing the release rate of “free” testosterone from its binding hormone ( sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG))

It’s proven to support healthy levels of testosterone and hormones in both males and females.

A study into 63 individuals (male and female) found an overall reduction in anxiety and tension. It was found that Tongkat Ali had a slight impact on reducing feelings of tension, anger, confusion and reduced levels of salivary cortisol [source]. Cortisol is a stress hormone which can affect healthy testosterone levels. The study found an overall increase in Testosterone of 37%

There are several benefits to Tongkat Ali but most importantly, it has been said that it may increase Testosterone, therefore, helping to increase muscle growth and tone, improve your energy levels and endurance, and the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety. It may also boost cognitive function. The root has been found to help regulate healthy levels of testosterone in both males and females.

Tongkat Ali cannot be seen in the same way as a steroid (or anabolic agent) but as a ‘restorer’ of healthy levels of Testosterone for those who suffer from lower than average levels, those of us who are getting older of atheletes at risk of over training. 

  • Boosts Testosterone
  • Improves Muscle Growth & Tone
  • Increase Energy & Endurance
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Maintains healthy Testosterone levels in both males and females.

Fadogia agrestis has become increasingly popular after it has been spoken about on many Andrew Huberman podcasts, and appearances.

Fadogia is a shrub found in West Africa (Nigeria) abd has been used as a traditional remedy for generations, and science has caught up to back the benefits with science.

Fadogia is strongly associated with a potential natural supplement to aid male sexual health; and greatly increases testosterone levels.

Fadogia Arestis stimulates the release of Luteinizing hormone [source] from the pituitary gland (your brain). LH is a glycoprotein hormone which is part of the neurological pathway made up of the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the gonads.

In females, increased levels of LH will help support healthy levels of testosterone and estrogen produced in the ovaries. In males, it will increase the production of testosterone in the testes, and slightly increase levels of estrogen (which can play a role in healthy sexual function, cardio-protective and increase cognitive function).

It is suggested that Fadogia impact the improvement in your mood and energy levels, reduces blood pressure and improves cognitive prowess and working memory.

  • May Boost Testosterone in Males
  • Regulates healthy levels of sex hormones (Males & Females).
  • May Increase Libido
  • Increases Energy & Endurance
  • Boosts Cognitive Function & Memory
  • Reduction of Blood Pressure

While Ajusga Turkestanica may be a new substance to your vocabulary, it is the plant which Turkesterone is derived – alongside other minor ecdysteroids like Endysterone and 20-hydroxyecdysone . Found in central Asia, there is plenty of promise for the plant as a naturally testosterone boosting supplement [source].

Turkesterone is one of the most well known of a group of active compounds called Ecdysteroids (another notable in this category is Endysterone) which show potential as a non conventional anabolic agent in humans. While there are few human studies for Turkesterone, it was seen that the Endysteroid out-performed Dianabol, and several other performance enhancing substances in rodent studies. Whether this translates to humans is yet to be seen, but we can be certain that as a naturally performance enhancing supplement, Turkesterone is a fantastic option.

While we remain in the camp of people who believe that Turkesterone is not a direct alternative to Deca-Durabolin (for example), we strongly believe that Endysteroidal compounds have great natural
anabolic, hypolipidemic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective compound [source], without any obvious signs of nephrotoxicity or hormonal imbalance.
  • Increased Muscle Mass & Density (anabolic)
  • Increased Levels of Testosterone
  • Supportive of Heart and Cardiovascular Health [source]
  • Increased Libido
  • Performance Enhancing

Ashwagandha KSM-66 is a highly concentrated extract from the Ashwadandha root. The root itself has been linked with a number of well-being benefits, but its key role here is as a testosterone booster.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, and is mostly know (and consumed) as an anxiolytic and to regulate mood. Studies have found that Ashwagandha can reduce perceived stress levels and improve sleep [source] – each can affect healthy testosterone.

Ashwagandha was found to increase Testosterone levels in males by up to 14% in a random, double blind trial [source]. It was also show to increase levels of DHEAs (a steroid hormone). 

There is some doubt as to why this may be the case, but the leading theory suggests that Ashwagandha may help to lower cortisol levels which can negatively affect Testosterone production. 

There are very few human studies, however, in much of the scientific research that has been done, Cistanche has been linked to having cognitive enhancing and protective properties, bolstering the immune system, being a potent antioxidant and is a potent aphrodisiac [source].

It has been found that the family of Cistanche plants have a high concentration of phenylethanoid glycosides which is the bioactive compounds which influence biological change, and as a result, can provide well-being benefits. The compounds have been found to have neuropharmacological effects which include the increase of immunity function and a positive impact on kidney ageing, anti-lipid peroxidation (free radicals attack lipids) which includes the process of re-using free radical and activating the caspase-3 and caspase-8 [Source].

Cistanche can induce the production of steroidogenic enzymes in the testicles which are responsible for the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone.

Therefore, testosterone levels are increased in the testicles and hypothalamus (part of your brain).

The root increases their energy levels, endurance and vitality, along with mood-enhancing properties.

  • Stimulates Healthy Testosterone Production
  • Increase levels of Energy & Endurance
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Cognitive Booster

We are Daemon Power: we are a health and well-being brand from Edinburgh, with one focus in mind: powering your inner Daemon

Our goal is to help improve quality of life within our community through natural supplements and services that support both the bodymind and the teams and communities that we belong to

Our interest is not simply ‘longevity’ but ‘healthspan’ – meaning how well, and fully, a life is lived. 

We are here to help our community unlock daily rituals that make our lives longer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling. 

MORE ABOUT OUR Testosterone Booster & Support Supplement

Each Capsule Contains: 
Tongkat Ali 20:1 (125mg)
Turkesterone 2% (125mg)
Fadogia Arestris 10:1 (100mg)
Ashwaganda KSM-66 12:1 (75mg)
Cistanche 60% (50mgs)
Zinc Citrate (5mg)
Vitamin D3 (Vegan) 500UI

Per serving: 
Tongkat Ali 20:1 (500mg)
Turkesterone 2% (500mg)
Fadogia Arestris 10:1 (400mg)
Ashwaganda KSM-66 12:1 (300mg)
Cistanche 60% (200mgs)
Zinc Citrate (20mg)
Vitamin D3 (Vegan) 2000UI

Take up to 4 capsules daily with a full glass of water (in the morning). Stay hydrated: it is one of the most important things you could be doing to improve your recovery and having a dramatic impact on your muscle health.

We suggest a cycle of 2 weeks off ever 6 weeks. Or 1 full month ever 4 months. 

This food supplement is not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. Do not substitute for a very diet.

Store out of direct sunlight. Do not exceed daily recommended dose ​​

The answer to that question is no – there is no added testosterone or Testosterone replacements in this product. This is a blend of natural products which have been studied to increase overall free testosterone within the body, and support healthy hormone balance in general.

The ingredients in our testosterone booster have been carefully selected and dosed to ensure they are at their most effective, while avoiding any potential side effects. Each ingredient is deemed safe at each dose for extended periods of time however, a cycle is strongly advised (to be extra safe). 

The supplement is well tolerated by most people however, in rare occasions some users may experience  nausea or diarrhoea. If symptoms persist, discontinue use. 

Unlike anabolic steroids, or testosterone treatment, this supplement is designed to restore healthy testosterone levels. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you experience any negative side effects of chronically high Testosterone (sexual/reproductive health, mood swings, acne, testosterone production disruption). 

Speak to a trained medical professional before taking any supplement. 


This is a very good question, and the answer may change in the future, but currently most of the herbal testosterone support products are completely legal in the UK. While many testosterone supplements (like anabolic steroids) are currently illegal, there is no ingredient in our testosterone support that is prohibited and therefore completely legal. 

While most of the ingredients in this product will not raise any eye-brows for competitive athletes, Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis are relatively new and they may appear on a banned substance list in the future. 

To be safe, if you are worried about any o the ingredients of our testosterone support supplement then speak to your sports governing body, and they should be able to provide the most up to date information on each ingredient listed. 

As an athlete, you are under a lot of scrutiny, especially when it comes to testosterone supplements. As it stands (Summer 2024) the ingredients of our capsules are not listed as banned substances by any sports union, however, we have not gone through the Informed Sports testing process with this product. If you are in doubt, speak to a trusted nutrition specialist. 

If you are serving as a police officer, armed forces or fire service, again, each of the individual ingredients are not listed as a banned substance, however, it is best to speak to your medical officer to get clarity on the most up to date understanding of the ingredients in our capsules. 

If in doubt – ask us for a lab report and we will provide them. 

The science that we have to go on is quite limited, but we have dedicated more than a year of research and development to find a blend of ingredients that are backed by science. Even some of the best testosterone boosters from the UK, will not contain the correct amount of active ingredients to be effective.

Zinc* is one of the most well known for supporting sperm production, reproductive health and increase testosterone levels in men. Secondly, Fadogia Agrestis and Tongat Ali have featured on Andrew Huberman’s podcasts where several studies were used to demonstrate the benefits of each supplement for testosterone. 

The question as to whether the supplement works will depend on many factors, however, we are confident that a few weeks on our testosterone supplement blend will give you a spring in your step. 

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in both males and females. It is much more prevalent in males and is the main driver of differences between the sexes. When we talk about the benefits of testosterone, we are specifically speaking about the benefits in men, but this may also apply to women. However, it is important that you should speak to a doctor before taking any supplement that may increase your levels of testosterone to understand the full impact on you as an individual. 

There are several benefits of testosterone: the first is a reduction in anxiety and a general feeling of increased mood – alongside a boost in cognition. The hormone also improves libido, healthy sexual function, increases muscle mass, improves muscle strength, longevity and density, and changes your body composition. 

Testosterone is also involved in the process of erythropoiesis (the regulation of red blood cells) which can dramatically improve your blood health which in turn can increase aerobic performance and Vo2 max. Your body’s ability to take oxygen from the lungs to the muscles is increased significantly, meaning you can train harder, faster and for longer. 

Traditionally, when it comes to anabolic steroid use, the practice is to cycle on and off testosterone supplements to avoid the unwanted consequences of hormonal imbalance (just google them, they can be horrific).

Currently, there is very little data to suggest that long-term use of any of the ingredients within this blend will cause any long-term harm, however, we suggest that you should cycle the this testosterone booster 

We suggest a cycle of 4 months on – 1 month off, 6 weeks on – 2 weeks off. This will help to mitigate any unwanted side effects from increased testosterone and prevent any potential bioaccumulation in your body. The main consensus is that the extracts help to promote healthy levels of hormone and testosterone, rather than increase them beyond the threshold of natural levels, however, everybody is unique. If in doubt, speak to a trusted medical professional. 

Any other questions – get in touch!

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    Great! Works well and quick delivery

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    Excellent service, quick delivery times and I’ve felt the benefits of taking the greens and testosterone support so far.
    The business ethos is a key reason I’ve bought their products too, they are aspiring to promote a moral and ethical business

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    Definitely felt a difference in libido and lifting at the gym. feel like i have more of a spring in my step so whatever this is doing,, I feel great.

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    Bargain price, quality product, speedy delivery. Also appreciated the freebie. Will buy again. Would recommend.

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