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Powerful Super green powder (250g)

Ag1 Athletic greens alternative from the UK

This is our Ultimate Super Green Powder, with effectiveness at its heart. It is a once daily supplement with 24 actively dosed ingredients, over 100 vitamins and minerals and beneficial super-foods. Unlike most super green powders in the UK, we have ensured that our formulation puts performance and beneficial doses, before anything else.

Each dose is designed to support your body and mind: Find the full benefits (and studies) here.
Thoughtfully designed to power you from the inside, whatever the world throws at you.

Super daily greens with active doses - and real benefits

What makes our super greens different?

We’re really proud to have produced a thoughtfully formulated super-green powder with real benefits.

There are plenty of options for green powders online, but very few are functional. What we mean by this is the dose of each ingredient is so small that it is meaningless. As an additional gripe, many taste great but are full of sugar.

We’ve produced our super greens to be high fibre, natural proteins and active doses of each ingredient so that you may enjoy real benefits. It’s designed for those who want to take their green powder seriously. 

Our premium super green blend is produced with Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Barley Grass and Organic Moringa; plus a proprietary blend of Adaptogens, Nootropics, Amino Acids, and Antioxidants.

Designed with effective doses of everything your body & mind need in just one scoop.

Better energy, sleep, recovery, immunity and gut health, and more.*

Sleep & Recovery Support

immune System support

Cognitive function & Focus

Muscle Performance, Recovery & Repair

Gut Biome support

Naturally Anxiolytic

Bone & Joint Support

Heart & Cardiovascular Support

Metabolic Energy Booster

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Each 250g contains 25 servings of 10g. 
Each Serving Contains (mgs per serving): 
  • 7000mg Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass 
  • 500mg Blueberry Extract
  • 500mg Magnesium L-Threonate (98%)
  • 250mg Ginger Extract 
  • 150mg Lions Mane (20:1)
  • 150mg Reishi (30:1)
  • 150mg Cordyceps (15:1)
  • 150mg Turkey Tail (20:1)
  • 150mg Shiitake (30:1)
  • 150mg Chaga (15:1)
  • 150mg Bacopa Monnieri
  • 125mg Glutathione
  • 100mg Guarana
  • 100mg Acerola Cherry (25% Vitamin C)
  • 50mg CoQ10
  • 50mg L-Theanine
  • 20000iu Vitamin D3 (vegan)
  • 100mcg Vitamin K2 MK7
  • 1.6mg Vitamin B6 1
  • 1000mcg Vitamin B12

Each 100g serving of base green powder contains an estimated:

Make your morning shake with fear. Add the super-greens mix to a smooth, juice, soup, stew (make your porridge green) or a glass of water. Take one heaped table spoon (10g) of the SuperGreens powder daily. Do not exceed 10g of this essential greens product. 

Arguably, the best time to take this supplement is in the morning, due to it’s foundational base of ingredients which support your body, brain and well-being throughout the day. It is however, possible to add the supper green powder to your protein shake or water bottle after the gym for recovery. The benefits of the powder depends entirely on why you use it. Whether that be for daily full nutrition or for a function. With this being one of the best Athletic greens AG1 alternatives in the UK, however, you used your AG1, you can use this product. 

This food supplement is not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. Do not substitute for a very diet.

Store out of direct sunlight. Do not exceed daily recommended dose

There are similar Super Green powder producers who prioritise the taste of the greens. Correct, it makes it easier to take and is much softer on the palate, but we strongly believe this goes against what we stand for. 

Our priority is how effective the greens are, and creating a product that covers all of our nutrition bases, helps our body recover and gives us a natural clean boost of energy. 

While some of the natural ingredients have strong flavours, we feel that covering up the flavour with sugar and fruit extracts will take away from each ingredient’s benefits.

We have embraced the fact that often the things that are good for you, do not always taste like milkshake. 

The Greens are produced to be unflavoured and we are not scared of it: we know that our product is much more substance, than style. 



super greens


amino acids

Vitamins & Minerals


While many products are claiming to be AG1 athletics greens alternatives, there are very few that are. What makes the AG1 blend so popular is the fact it contains a huge range of bioactive compounds which complement the greens. The biggest issue with AG1 is its price, and the fact that the doses of each ingredient are quite low – meaning that they are in the bag but not always effective. So we’ve selected a few bioactive compounds which we know anybody with an active lifestyle will need and calculated effective doses of each. 

Simply because most super greens powders do not contain the wide range of healthy ingredients that we do. For example, other green powders simply contain Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass and potentially kale, broccoli or other green powders. In short, simply powdered veg. 

The whole point of a super green powder is to contain a mix of other ingredients which give you a boost in the morning. We have added nootropics and minerals which boost brain health, focus and attention, adaptogens to be naturally anxiolytic and enzymes (CoQ10 – great for the joints). We’ve also fortified the mix with a list of essential daily vitamins and minerals which help to ensure that all of your nutrition bases are covered. 

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2 reviews for Super Greens Powder UK (250g) | Daily Nutritional Support | AG1 Alternative UK

  1. James

    Overall I think these super greens are some of the best I’ve used. The packaging is nice, the greens made me feel much more active and energetic. And they give money to charity which I love.

  2. Fred M

    Arrived as specified, well packaged and on time. The packaging is great quality and the bottle is also great quality. I have been taking the greens powder now for a week, along with some adjustments in my diet. I have noticed how much energy I have, the brain fog is clearing and I’m much less tired than I was. I can definitely say that this product is having the desired effect and contributing to my body working better and generally being in a healthier place. It’s easy to make each day, the taste is fine, and I know it’s doing me good. Definitely recommend of like me, you feel lethargic, tired and like your brain just can’t process. This will really help to kick start you.

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