NHS, Police, Prison officer, Firefighter & Armed Forces Discounts

Front line and forces services is something we have a personal connection with; close family members are past and active members of some these essential services, so we feel that it is our duty to support those we have the most respect for.

Currently, we are offering a lifetime 20% off all DAEMON POWER & CBDIABLO products for any active members of the NHS, Police, Prison and Fire services – and for those serving with UK’s Armed Forces. 

How to claim your discount: 

Get in touch with us via hello@cbdiablo.co.uk and request your discount. We will verify your employment personally (via your work email, or identification card) and send you a unique discount code that is yours to keep. 

If you have any questions, or wish to take our offer up – get in touch with us. 

Why we doing this?

So, you may be here after reading that we offer forces or police discounts, but why are we doing this? We know how much our front-line and emergency personnel sacrifice to keep our society glued together, healthy, and safe. It is a hard and often thankless job that takes a great personal toll.  

This is our way of giving back. We know that our products will be helpful for those who are on active duty, or retired. Whether it is an extra boost in energy you need, or to bring your body back to fighting fitness, we know can help.

As a final point, we know that form any police, fire and armed forces personnel (specifically), there is an unspoken mental health crisis. PTSD, anxiety and depression is often hidden due to a willingness to just get on with the job. Whoever you are, there is support. We donate to CALMzone for that very reason. 20% of our Profits are donated to CALMzone, so if you need to speak to somebody, consider it on us.
If you wish to ask any questions about our NHS, Prison officer, Firefighter, Armed Forces or Police Discounts, get in touch.

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20% of profits donated to CALMzone

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