Daemon Power Philosophy (Part 1)

What is Daemon Power, What is it's purpose, and it can help us all build a better community?

Why is Philosophy important to us?

Today, and in times like those we currently live in, philosophy is important.  

We need clear morals and purpose for us to anchor ourselves to, and a set of rules which guide us while the world around us seems chaotic, messy and confusing.

It tells us something that even after thousands of years, we still read, write and learn from writers of the Greek and Roman civilisations. Although their messages have been passed on and refined, they have played a valuable role in steering some of the most impressive humans through the most challenging of times (JFK was an avid reader of Marcus Aurelius and stoic philosophy). 

It is philosophy and shared values that cement us together, and what drove us to innovate as a species from the jungles of East Africa, across the dry savannah and to almost every corner of our earth. Our community, and its health and success, is a reflection of who we are – and every member of it. 

Whether we ourselves become great leaders or humble members of a team, modern philosophy can be useful in order to ensure we go out of our way to be the best people we can be: in sports, work or study – or as a better neighbour, friend, sibling, parents to our children or partners to our spouses.

Philosophy begs the question from all of us: how can I live as a better person? What is a ‘good life’? 

Thankfully, we can access, and learn from, thousands of years of human experience.

From reading the lived experiences of the millions before us, something remarkable came into focus: it is our purpose as humans on this earth to contribute to the betterment of humankind. We each have a purpose, we have an influence and nothing we do is meaningless. 
Philosophy asks of us: with the time that we have on the earth, how do we spend it? How do we move forward to become a better person, each and every day? 

Where the Daemon Power philosophy started

In the beginning, Daemon Power was a framework of ideas for our own lives

Deep in the strange years of pre and post-COVID, we struggled to understand the increasingly chaotic and agitated world we are part of. Our anxieties were inflamed by news stories, our sense of reality was warped by social media and we lost sight of a strong sense of ‘right and wrong’ in our quickly changing culture. There seemed to be a lack of moral direction within our political class, and a widening gap between real life, and what we consume on the internet. There is a lack of connection between people and we are becoming increasingly resentful and suspicious of each other. 

We had also lost sight of the purpose of life, and became burned out with work and felt as though the daily grind was aimless. The stress and conflict left us at breaking point. 

We were lost. We realised that it was not the world that needed to change, it was us and the way we viewed it. 

What followed was a period of deep soul-searching and torturous self-reflection. After an extended time away from work, slowly, everything made a little more sense and through journaling and writing, we started to refine exactly what it was we needed to do. 

Our objective was to create a mindset for ourselves which would allow us to thrive and be happy, regardless of the situation. 

We dug into books and podcasts: from medical and sports professionals, phsycologists, modern and ancient philosophers, history, strategists and self-help gurus. Over the weeks and months, a number of recurring ideas started to come together and helped shape daily decisions which gave way to huge personal huge benefits. We made decisions not for short term comfort, but towards the goal of longevity and well-being.

It became very clear that there are no grand gestures or great strategic wins that will bring a landfall of success and happiness, but a daily process for today, and tomorrow, the day after, the next years and decades to come.  

What became obvious was that we weren’t alone in our own search for direction. There are millions of people asking the same questions. So, we have begun to share ideas with friends and families, and now you’re reading it today. 

What is a Daemon?

While the idea of an Inner Daemon is sourced back to Greek mythology; over the years, there have been many interpretations of the idea.

Socrates believed that his Daemon was a voice which gave him warnings about what to avoid.

However, our idea is closer to Goethe (the German writer and philosopher) who described a Daemon as “a spirit that dwells inside of us all and compels us towards our destiny”. Many philosophers and thinkers (including Albert Einstein) referenced such an inner spirit that showed them the way towards their greatest achievements. 

The philosophy centres around this idea: an inner being that is not part of our conscious self, but if we take care of it and nourish it in the right way, it will become our power core and become the source of our vitality. It will offer guidance, grow our life force and give us the strength and ability to be able to achieve what has previously been seen as the unachievable. 

It is the inner spirit that kept Diana Nyad swimming during her many attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida (while being stung by jelly fish and suffering near death). It is what kept it gave Mark Ormrod the strength to overcome his injuries and become an inspiration to thousands like him. 

It will be what drives us towards becoming happier, healthier, better, more accomplished individuals and therefore, better members and leaders of our communities and teams.

The Daemon Philosophy Tenets.

We know that a nourished Daemon is so much more than the correct nutrition or meditation regime. There is no hard or fast rule or protocol that fits all. The journey towards empowering ourselves is a very personal one.

It is also extremely important to know that philosophy is not the pursuit of being perfect, but going a little further every day. Always challenging ourselves and learning from the mistakes we will inevitably make. 

We see that there are three strong key aspects of true well-being and a good life. What makes us truly healthy and happy is a healthy and resilient body, a healthy and resilient mind, and the quality of the community of people we share our lives with. Together, these ideas are the source of the truest sense of well-being. It is the richest existence we can hope for.

We have taken to calling the philosophy that works towards this, Daemon Power. We can break down Daemon Power into three core tenets (or virtues call it) Inner PowerGreater Presence and Collective Duty.

Each tenet is linked to each other – Inner Power requires Greater Presence, Greater Presence requires Inner Power and we can use those two tenets to commit ourselves to our collective duty to others around us. 

While we will write an individual section about each tenet, we will break down them as a summary here. We will quickly discuss the basic concept, and what the purpose of each tenet is. 


Inner Power (Daemon Philosophy Part 2)

The way that best describes this is that Inner Power is the pursuit of activities that improve our personal strength. There are three main powers in this tenet: Bodily Power (strength and conditioning of the body), Cognitive Power (learning, knowledge and wisdom) and The Power of Purpose (centralising the internal power that motivates and drives us). 

It can be argued that gaining Power can be used to influence (often through force or coercion) others with our behaviours, however, inner power is the process of looking inward to fortify ourselves to have the ability to rise against adversity, not dominate others. Whether we increase our physical strength and conditioning, or education, mastery and competence, we are working towards building our Inner Power. 

In the process of fortifying our Inner Power, we grow in physical health, strength, resilience and endurance. And we give ourselves the skills and tools we need to achieve what we had previously thought was unachievable. 


Greater Presence (Daemon Philosophy Part 3)

If Inner Strength is our Daemon’s sword, then greater presence is its shield.

Greater Presence is the pursuit of tempering ourselves mentally, so that we may be resilient and eager in the face of adversity, or conflict. 

Part of the process will require self-analysis to identify our strengths, weaknesses, personalities and reductive tendencies, so we can learn to manage and process our emotions. With a more present and calm mind, we can think with clarity and become much more resilient to external triggers which may inflame us and reduce our ability to perform or be humble, positive leaders. 

In the process, we earn a greater love and respect for ourselves, we learn how to process our problems and turn them into positives, and in the process, we grow a better understanding of, and empathy for, others. 

Collective Duty (Daemon Philosophy Part 3)


Once we have mastered a way of life which works to fortify our Inner Power and practice the art of Greater Presence, we are called to the realisation that we should be living our lives with a sense of Collective Duty. 


The third pillar of a truly fulfilling life is Community, but a sense of togetherness and shared values requires a lot of work, dedication and commitment from each individual member. Communities are delicate yet extremely powerful. As we start the journey of bettering ourselves, something remarkable comes into focus: it is our purpose as humans on this earth to contribute something to the forwarding of humankind. We each have a unique purpose, we have an influence. Nothing we do is meaningless.

Naturally, as we grow and become more accomplished, we suddenly find ourselves in a position of leadership. It is the natural evolution of growth. Without us asking for it, we start to influence those around us, just as we look towards those older and more accomplished than we are for guidance. Almost completely by surprise, the community around us is a reflection of who we are.  
When we have children, they are new to the world and completely vulnerable, and they learn from the people around them. As parents, once they are born, we are now put into a position where we unconsciously influence them. The child grows to be a reflection of us as parents, or the society we live in. All we can do is strive to be the best people we can be and always work to be the best example possible. 

We can use our strength and minds to create and develop businesses and initiatives, to plan and implement training regimes and to teach the next generation. We can use it to better the lives of those around us and use our skills to show leadership in times of adversity. 


Last Words

There are no right or wrong answers here, and this process will require self-motivation, self-discipline and commitment. It will be painful, you will suffer regularly and come up against problems you do not know how to solve. But, like the millions of humans who contributed to the technological world we live in today, you can do this too. 

Each day is new, and there is something to learn, always a way to be better, and always more to go. The objective is to make small life changes, which will benefit you and those around you in the years and decades to come. 

The path is a slow one, but you can scale your body and mind to take on almost any adversity. All it takes is constant love, care and attention, and feeding each correctly.