We set out on this journey in 2016 as a tiny team, and yet we have gained a huge reputation for being one of the highest-rated and recommended Cannabidiol brands in the UK: CBDIABLO.

Our way of working and producing products has gone well enough that we have been able to expand our range into functional supplementation; we can put our years of experience in an extremely challenging industry to good use. 

We’ve always been a little different. We set out to be bold and lean into what makes us uniquely ourselves. 

The idea behind the brand comes from our own experiences during competitive athletics and ultramarathon running: We aspire to capture the essence of character that is only exposed when we are pushed to the limit; it is an inner spirit that pushes us on to one more rep – one more mile – a little further. 

We both live by this in our active lives and working lives. 

We’re here to help you power and strengthen your inner spirit; what the Greeks called a ‘Daemon’.

Our goal as a company is to help you unlock the potential for bodymind and make the most of the teams and communities that we belong to. 







Daemon (or Daimon) in Greek mythology is a guiding spirit; a lesser deity that guides the human hand from birth. 

The ancient greeks through this inner being is not part of our conscious self, but it is our connection to the gods which grants us the power to achieve great feats of strength and endurance: it is the internal strength of spirit that sets great people apart and guide them towards the exceptional. 

To find our inner strength, it is not only important to protect our physical health and performance, but also grants you the power to fortify your mental well-being; both are essential for a rich and full life. 

It is our mission to provide the keys to your inner daemon power, so you may perform at your best while making the most of the moments we have on earth.


We see that there is a worrying, and growing, lack of community and social cohesion. This has been aggravated by the global epidemic, social conflicts and global values (or lack of) that are being propagated by social media and an emerging ‘global culture’.

We can see this play out in our own lives where there is a widening gap between the lived reality of our lives, and the reality we see on the news or the internet.

For many people, particularly young people, the separation between the two has become increasingly difficult to identify. It is resulting in a more isolated, lonely, more fearful, more anxious and completely hopeless society. We are looking at a generation of people who feel they have no agency or control over their own lives.

It is no coincidence that suicide is now the biggest killer of people under 35 in the UK.

In 2021 the suicide rate in England and Wales was 10.7 deaths per 100,000 people, which was an increase from 10 deaths per 100,000 people in 2020 [source]. In Scotland, that number is 13.7.

We also see a troubling dramatic increase in anti-social behaviour, greater feelings of apathy and a decrease in attendance at schools. Young people are feeling more hopeless, have a low self-value and cannot see a way to make their lives better.

We see part of the solution to this problem is to facilitate a culture and support community projects which promote a healthy and resilient body, a healthy and resilient mind, and build strong communities, which provide a sense of belonging [source], purpose [source] and agency [source].

With time and effort, we can start to slowly change the cultural and societal drivers of poor physical and mental well-being, and help us all work towards light during our darkest moments. 

We will also continue to support front line mental health services across the UK. 



We are extremely proud to have been able to collect over 3005* reviews for our products and service. The time, dedication and research into each of our formulations speaks for themselves.

Developed with professional athletes and nutrition specialists.

Over the years of working in the well-being industry, we've learned a lot - and met a whole load of amazing people. We've asked professional and amateur athletes to help develop our formulations, and been supported by nutrition specialists . We simply demand our products to be effective.

recyclable packaging

Not caring about the environment is a little bit like not caring that your house is filling up with toxic gas. What we believe is that, as a business, we have a responsibility to limit the amount of waste that our company produces.

We have replaced as much of our packaging as we can with recyclable pouches and sustainable materials (including packaging).

GMP & ISO9001 production facility in the UK.

To you, this probably means very little. To us, it means a lot. These accreditations are extremely high standards of production and require our manufacturing clean room to be thoroughly assessed. It means our products are safe and produced to an extremely high standard.

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